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Joseph, Imre, and Ernest Brummer (1883-1947, 1889-1928, and 1891-1964, respectively) were major art dealers who collected widely from classical antiquity to Modern Art, with significant focus on works of the Middle Ages, Pre-Columbian America, and Renaissance and Baroque decorative arts.


The digitized material from the collection primarily contains information on objects which were acquired through their New York and Paris galleries and sold in New York. (Additional Brummer material is available for onsite consultation at The Cloisters Archives; please see the Finding Aid for the complete holdings.)


The core of the collection features over 14,000 object cards, ordered by accession number. Most cards are numbered with an “N”, “P”, or “X” prefix; “N” is for stock acquired through the New York Gallery (in operation from 1914 to 1947), “P” for stock shipped from Paris to New York, and “X” for consignment objects. The four-by-six cards feature thumbnail photographs, names of sellers and buyers, purchase and sale prices, and, occasionally, condition information. Paris stock cards also note the objects’ arrival dates in the U.S.


Accompanying the cards are four binders (two for actively held inventory and two for sold items), arranged by Brummer-assigned classifications of an art era or medium, holding duplicates of the small object photos with accession numbers written below. These albums illustrate objects purchased in both New York and Paris from 1920 to 1947 and sold between 1934 and 1949. They allow researchers unequipped with Brummer stock numbers to locate an item by its physical features. 


Along with these are additional ledgers that predate or add to information noted on the cards.  The collection also includes business and personal correspondence and photographs and some 4,000 address cards for the gallery’s clients, contemporary artists, staff, and service providers, along with art critics and scholars. Periodically, these address cards note the purchase of or an inquiry on specific objects.


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Object Cards. Click here to browse by accession number:

  • A
  • BT
  • D
  • H
  • JA
  • JB
  • N -- Please note that there are over 6000 cards in this category.  To browse within ranges, search N00* for N1-99, N01* for N100-199, N03* for N300-399, N61* for N6100-6199 and so on.
  • P -- Note that P cards number to above 16,000, though many number ranges are not used.  To browse within ranges, search P000* for P1-99, P001* for P100-199, P025* for P2500-2599, P121* for P12100-12199 and so on.
  • S
  • X -- Note that X cards number to over 1500.  To browse within ranges, search X00* for X1-99, X01* for X100-199, X02* for X200-299, X12* for X1200-1299 and so on.
  • Ernest Brummer Collection Cards -- Relating to his collection in the years after Joseph's death in 1947.

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Inventory Binders:


Sales and Purchase Ledgers, Auction Catalogs, Journals: 


Other Albums and Journals:


Address Cards. Click here to browse:


Correspondence, Personal Papers, and Miscellaneous Business Documents, 1980 Donation. Click here to browse:


Correspondence, Personal Papers, and Miscellaneous Business Documents, 2016 Donation. Click here to browse:


New York Gallery Exhibition Brochures. Click here to browse:


Gallery Photographs. Click here to browse images of:


Personal Photographs. Click here to browse images of:


Object photographs with no clear Brummer designation. Click here to browse:


Funding for this project was provided by The Kress Foundation.

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